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The professional at The Health Group, LLC have many years of experience in healthcare accounting, financial reporting, cost reporting, reimbursement, corporate compliance, strategic and organizational planning, mergers and acquisitions, and other financial and management needs. This extensive background affords The Health Group, LLC with the ability to provide an extensive array of financial and consulting services to its clients. We approach each client and each client service as unique based on the skillsets of the client’s personnel to ensure client needs are met. Whether your needs are merely the annual cost report submissions or ongoing accounting or management assistance services you will receive the attention you deserve and expect from The Health Group, LLC.


The Health Group, LLC provides extensive services to our clients resulting from the COVID-19 PHE.  These services include assistance with PPP loans, including preparing for, and requesting, Loan Forgiveness.  Healthcare providers are also faced with challenges regarding accounting and reporting for the receipt of Provider Relief Funds as well as documenting appropriate use of these funds.  We assist clients across the country in addressing documentation and reporting needs in anticipation of the quarterly submissions to HHS.


The Health Group, LLC provides extensive cost reporting services to all types of healthcare providers. Whether you are free-standing or provider-based, proprietary or tax-exempt, The Health Group, LLC is capable of providing those services necessary to meet your cost reporting needs. We work with your internal or external accountant to ensure that your reports are filed accurately and timely or provide those accounting services as well.


The CMS Form 855 (“Medicare Enrollment Form”) is one of the most important documents that a healthcare provider files and maintains current with the Medicare program. This form covers a vast array of information critical to securing and maintaining Medicare program certification and billing privileges. This is not a form that providers should entrust to those not familiar with the form or the importance of it. The professionals at The Health Group, LLC has been preparing and reviewing these forms for years, for all types of healthcare providers. The expansion of the CMS Form 855 clearly reflects the intent of the Medicare program for increased scrutiny of providers participating in the Medicare program. Regardless of the nature of your organization, The Health Group, LLC can prepare or review your CMS Form 855A submissions.


As a result of the mandatory revalidation requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act, The Health Group, LLC now offers special services to clients relating to the Medicare enrollment process and maintenance of information on file with the Medicare program. The Medicare Enrollment Management Assistance Services (“MEMAS”) includes the following services:

  1. Completion of all CMS Form 855A submissions on behalf of the provider
  2. Development and maintenance of the information on file with the Medicare program, which serves as the basis for monitoring and tracking such information
  3. Monthly communication with the provider regarding information on file and intended to identify changes in that information which need to be reported
  4. Reporting to the provider on the submissions, status of submissions, and status of information on file.

These services can be expanded to include state filings and related information as well. Many providers importance of this service as part of their ongoing corporate compliance process.


Effective for the 2014 CAP Year (November 1, 2013 through October 31, 2014) hospices are now required to file its aggregate cap determination notice to the Medicare Administrative Contractor on or before March 31st obligation is to be remitted at the time of filing. The Health Group, LLC can prepare the filing to better ensure the accuracy of the filing and minimizing any liability at the time of filing (the final liability is determined by the Medicare Administrative Contractor). Additionally, if it is the hospice’s intent to request an Extended Repayment Schedule (“ERS”) at the time of filing the CAP report, the preparation of the request for ERS can be planned for submission simultaneously with the CAP report.


The Medicare program provides the opportunity, subject to certain constraints, for Medicare providers to repay obligations to the Medicare program over a period of up-to sixty (60) months with interest. The Health Group, LLC prepares many requests for ERS on behalf of healthcare providers. These requests require up-to-date financial information and other information that can be prepared by The Health Group, LLC based on provider information.


We provide extensive merger/acquisition consulting services ranging from informal consultation to the conduct of due diligence services in support of an acquisition or merger.  Our understanding of healthcare providers and the healthcare environment provide focus on those issues of importance in any such endeavor.  Likewise, our experience is invaluable in the recognition of issues post-transaction anticipated as a result of the planned endeavor.


The Health Group, LLC is recognized as a national leader in hospice finances.  We are a leader in managing PIP reimbursement for hospices as well as accounting and financial issues, including the provision of CAP (Medicare Aggregate Payment CAP) related services.  If your hospice wants to increase cash flow through PIP reimbursement (“Periodic Interim Payments”), needs financial or accounting related assistance, is looking to identify or monitor CAP overpayments, desires to secure Medicare program extended repayment plans, needs financial or strategic consultation, or is looking to develop or maintain corporate compliance programs The Health Group, LLC should be considered.  The professionals of The Health Group, LLC have served hospice providers since 1986.


The professionals of The Health Group, LLC focus extensively on home health service providers, whether Medicare-certified or providing personal care services.  We understand PPS reimbursement, state requirements, and specific financial, accounting, cost reporting, and compliance related requirement imposed on the industry.  Our home health clients, like our other clients, are located across the country.  Regardless of your location we have the resources to serve you.