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Medicare Enrollment Services

Meeting your Medicare and State Licensure Needs

Medicare Enrollment and Maintenance

The Health Group, LLC offers an array of services to clients relating to the Medicare enrollment process and maintenance of information on file with the Medicare program.

These services offerings include the following services:

  • Completion of all CMS Form 855 submissions on behalf of the provider, whether the submissions is for a new provider, CHOW, and change of information filing,
  • Development and maintenance of the information on file with the Medicare program, which serves as the basis for monitoring and tracking such information,
  • Monthly communication with the provider regarding information on file and intended to identify changes in that information which need to be reported,
  • Reporting to the provider on the submissions, status of submissions, and status of information on file, and
  • Consulting regarding transactions and reporting those transactions to federal and state agencies.

These services can be expanded to include state filings and related information as well. Many providers importance of this service as part of their ongoing corporate compliance process. Do not hesitate to contact any member of our professional staff regarding your enrollment-related needs. Call us at (304) 241-1261, or each out at contact@healthgroup.com.

Sample Medicare Enrollment Form


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