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Volume 24.02

As a reminder, hospices must submit their self-determined CAP liability reports on or before February 29, 2024, for the 2023 CAP Year, which ended on September 30, 2023.  If the report indicates a liability due to the Medicare program, the liability is to be addressed at the time of the filing.

If it is the hospice’s intent to request an Extended Repayment Schedule (“ERS”), the request should be made at the time of filing the self-determined CAP liability report.


As part of the increased focus on hospice provider integrity, enhanced oversight relating to hospice claims is already effective for certain hospice providers located in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.  National Government Services (“NGS”) has released the following:

“In an effort to reduce hospice fraud, waste and abuse, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is placing newly enrolling hospices located in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas in a program called Provisional Period of Enhanced Oversight (PPEO) effective 7/13/2023.

Impacted hospice providers include:

  • Providers who have received final approval for Medicare enrollment on or after 7/13/2023.
  • Providers who have started the enrollment or certification process before 7/13/2023 but haven’t received a final approval letter from their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).
  • Providers who have received approval on a change of ownership (CHOW) request on or after 7/13/2023.

PPEO will include medical review, such as prepayment review and can include oversight for 30 days up to one year. Medical review can continue after the PPEO has ended.

If your agency is placed in a PPEO, the verbiage is added into their enrollment approval/change letter. The letter is sent to the contact person email address on file. Applications approved 1/1/2024 and after will have different verbiage but will still be in the same place.”

Additional information is available here and here.


The Health Group, LLC has committed to participating in the 2024 Financial Management Conference & Expo (July 21-23, 2024) and the 2024 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo (October 20 – October 22, 2024).

The July conference is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada and the October conference is being held in Tampa, Florida.  We will be exhibiting at both programs and look forward to visiting with our clients and friends.  We look forward to arranging time to meet with you during these programs.


We are currently evaluating sites and planning for The Health Group, LLC’s 2024 Hospice Financial Management Conference.  Details will be made available as they are finalized.  If you want to receive early notification of the program details and registration, please email us at contact@healthgroup.com.  As past attendees are aware, attendance is limited to enhance the value of the program and facilitate networking.