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Volume 22.07

Medicare providers are required to revalidate information contained in the Medicare enrollment records on a periodic basis to ensure all information on file is accurate and compliant with Medicare regulations.

Revalidation was paused because of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency; however, the revalidation suspension has been lifted and providers are now, again, subject to revalidation based on CMS’s schedule.  CMS has developed a Medicare Revalidation List at https://data.cms.gov/tools/medicare-revalidation-list.  This list is provided to allow providers to monitor upcoming scheduled revalidations.  Failing to revalidate timely can result in withholding of Medicare payments and deactivation of billing privileges.

Caution – Recently, a healthcare provider was informed that their revalidation was late and immediate action had to be taken to avoid deactivation of Medicare billing privileges.  The healthcare provider never received the letter from the Medicare Administrative Contractor (“MAC”) because they had relocated, and the letter was sent to the prior address.  This happened even though the provider had filed the change of address with the MAC and the change of address was approved.  Furthermore, the Revalidation List, described above, did not indicate that revalidation was due or even scheduled.  Either the letter was erroneously sent to the provider, or the list was not appropriately updated.

The MAC indicated that, even though the Revalidation List did not indicate a revalidation was due, the provider needed to submit an enrollment revalidation quickly, based on the letter, to avoid deactivation of billing privileges.  The MAC could not determine why the Revalidation List identified the revalidation for this provider as “TBD” (to be determined).

Providers are encouraged to monitor the Revalidation List recognizing that it may not be up to date; however, more important is ensuring that addresses are up-to-date and that all mailing from the MAC and CMS are going to the correct address and the correct individual, where appropriate.  


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