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Volume 21.05

CMS has increased reimbursement to providers for in-home COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the efforts to provide opportunities for individuals who cannot leave their home, as well as increase the number of vaccinated persons.  The CMS Press Release is available here.

According to CMS, “Today’s announcement aims to further boost the administration of COVID-19 vaccination – including second and third doses – in smaller group homes, assisted living facilities, and other group living situations by allowing vaccine providers to receive the increased payment up to five times when fewer than ten Medicare beneficiaries get the vaccine on the same day in the same home or communal setting. This policy will help ensure that at-risk patients in smaller settings have the same opportunities as others to receive the vaccination.”


In June 2021, CMS proposed the home health prospective payment system rate update for 2022.  The proposed rule proposes a 1.8% home health payment update and a 0.1% decrease in payments due to reductions made in the rural add-on percentages.  Additionally, the proposed rule includes the following:

  • Expanding the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model,
  • Recalibrating PDGM Case-Mix Weights,
  • Providing an Occupational Therapy LUPA Add-On Factor,
  • Updating payments for the Home Infusion Therapy Benefit, and
  • Permanently modifying selected changes in conditions of participation that were initiated during the COVID-19 PHE.

Even though the proposed rule was primarily directed at home health agencies, certain provisions are included in the proposed rule which directly impacts other providers, i.e., significant changes to the survey process and enforcement provisions directed at hospices.

The CMS Fact Sheet is available here.  From this location you can secure the proposed rule.


Home health agencies are keenly aware of the difficulties in preparing the new Home Health Agency Cost Report (Form CMS-1728-20).  The Health Group, LLC is currently planning to offer a Home Health Agency Boot Camp.  This program would be limited to 10-12 attendees, allowing for significant interaction with attendees.  The objective of the program would be to allow agencies to be intimately familiar with the cost report, whether they intend to prepare their own cost report or not.  Regardless, the agency would significantly increase their ability to work with outside consultants, including a review of the report as prepared.

The program would be a live eight-to-ten-hour program provided at a convenient near-airport location thereby minimizing expenses for attendees.  We are seeking comments regarding your interest in such a program, location of such programs, as well as specific issues deserving attention.  Please respond to contact@healthgroup.com.