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The Group is pleased to be utilizing Inquisit for continuing education support and Webinar coordination.  As a continuing education/medical education (CE/CME) provider, Inquisit provides high quality, cost-effective education programs to physicians, registered nurses and pharmacists as well as other healthcare professionals.  With a menu that includes live and online programs, Inquisit has continued to meet the needs of healthcare professionals since 1999.  The Group is extremely pleased to work closely with Inquisit regarding all of its educational offerings.

Inqisit offers education units from nearly 40 accrediting agencies in more than 30 healthcare professions.  Its programs include:

Leaning-On-Demand – providing online, on-demand education and product training nationwide through a secure, e-commerce website.

IQasts – enabling a presenter to transmit a live presentation over the Internet to countless participants.  Participants need only a computer with Internet connection and a telephone.